About Hippo Bag Hire at Homebase Plymouth Marsh Mills

You can now order your HIPPOBAG collection from Homebase Plymouth Marsh Mills to conveniently get rid of household waste and debris. HIPPOBAGs are flat pack, heavy-duty bags that you can use to dispose of waste. They're made of 100% recyclable, strong and durable polypropylene so you can fill them with bulky, heavy waste without worry.

HIPPOBAGs come in a range of sizes and depths, making them a great alternative to a skip for all kinds of projects. And with none of the inconvenience of restricting parking outside your property, or on the street for your neighbours.

Using HIPPOBAGs are really easy, you simply expand the bags and fill them up with your waste. Not all waste is accepted by HIPPO, so it's good to check out what you can use them for online before you order. Once you've filled your bags, you'll book a HIPPOBAG collection, and someone will come and take them away from your home, easy as that.

What HIPPOBAG sizes are available?

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This size HIPPOBAG measures 90cm x 90cm x 90cm, offers 1 cubic yard of space and is strong enough to hold a weight of up to 1 tonne. This makes the MIDIBAG HIPPOBAG a great choice for smaller home improvements and even garden work.

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At 1.5 cubic yards with dimensions of 180cm x 90cm x 70cm, this mid-size HIPPOBAG can hold up to 1.5 tonnes. If you are looking to fully renovate your bathroom or have a project in mind that involves clearing bricks and rubble, the MEGABAG is the bag for you.

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The HIPPOSKIP is the largest HIPPOBAG available to hire. It offers 4.5 cubic yards of storage space, has dimensions of 210cm x 165cm x 100cm and a weight limit of up to 1.5 tonnes. The HIPPOSKIP is the perfect size for bulkier waste, for example ripping out of an old kitchen.

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