Homebase Plymouth Marsh Mills Tapi Carpets Store

Tapi carpet shops offer a range of services, and you can find them in Homebase Plymouth Marsh Mills. With an offering spanning from vinyl and tiles, to laminate and engineered wood flooring, Tapi aren't just known for their carpets. In fact, they also offer paint, wallpaper, and even artificial grass to transform your outdoor space.

However, if you're thinking of popping into your local carpet shop, Tapi's experts provide a convenient way to get a new carpet installed from start to finish fuss free.

Once you've decided on a style, book a home visit with the team free of charge. They'll measure up your room for your new carpet, planning it with you as you go.

When you're completely happy, Tapi's carpet fitting partners will install it for you at a convenient time. They'll even uplift and remove your old carpet too. And don't forget, Tapi offer interest free credit on all their services.

Tapi Carpet Store Styles

Striped carpet

If you love bold patterns in your home, you'll love a striped carpet. Steeped in retro charm, these stripy sensations are making a firm comeback in homes across the UK - be that vertical or horizontal. They're available in several styles and colour combinations, to suit your personal style and room. All with the great quality and durability that keeps them bold for years to come.

Patterned carpet

If you want to get creative with Tapi carpets, patterned carpets are the way to go. Aside from looking intricate and interesting, they can often make a room feel bigger and hide wear and tear from stains. From big prints to small, we have a range of patterns to choose from to make your rooms really 'pop'.

Loop pile carpet

A loop pile, or Berber, carpet is a hard-wearing carpet looped from a single strand. This gives them a more styled 'colour flecked' look and the density makes them very durable against spills and stains. These characterful carpets are available in all kinds of styles and patterns and are best suited to hallways and stairs - great for a family home with heavy regular footfall.

Saxony carpet

If you love the feel of a soft, fluffy carpet, saxony carpets are the ones for you. This kind of carpet is very popular in bedrooms due to the plush, velvety tufts, which feel really cosy under bare feet in the morning. Our saxony carpets are available in lots of colourways and styles, made to match any room or decor scheme in your home.

Velvet carpet

A hybrid of the saxony and woven carpet, velvet carpet has a both luxurious and long-lasting pile. It's for those who enjoy the finer things in life - a luxe velvety texture underfoot and a plush look that brings a touch of class to any room. Best suited to rooms with a low footfall, like guest bedrooms and formal lounges.

Woven carpet

You may not know it, but you'll have come across a woven carpet lots of times before. This is the most common way to make a carpet, providing hard-wearing durability and comfort too. We've got plenty of patterns to choose from, from traditional tartan to sassy animal prints. So, with woven you're bound to find the perfect Tapi carpet for your room.

Twist carpet

Twist pile carpets give you the best of both worlds. Their twisted construction gives them strength and durability against heavy footfall, while keeping and holding their shape making them hard to flatten - giving you long-lasting comfort underfoot. One of our most popular ranges, they're available in plenty of patterns and colours to suit your room.

Plain carpet

If you love minimalism, or you have a particularly pattern-heavy room already, you'll love our plain carpet range. Our plain carpets are soft, durable, and available in a range of beautiful pastel, neutral or even bright colours. Choose nice and natural to bring peace and tranquillity to your space, or a bright pop of colour to complement a bolder scheme.

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